Mental Health and I

Mental health is as real as our physical health. When we catch a cold, have high fevers or suffer from bad migraine attacks, our next immediate step would be to visit the doctor for a consultation and get treated. However, when our mental health is negatively affected, most of us hide it and are too embarrassed to acknowledge that we need help.

Unfortunately, we live in a world with less empathy and more judgment. However, our life belongs to us alone and it is ours to cherish and live. There is no reason to be embarrassed if our mental health is not at its best,  because as humans, we can never escape feelings and frustrations. But we can definitely embrace our hardships and mental health challenges and seek help the right way, let it be on our own or from professionals.

There will always be someone for you in your life to lend an ear or a shoulder to cry on without judgement. Open your eyes and embrace your feelings. Mental health is real, and it is an important part of you, hence look after it as you would  your physical health.