Tips on How to Stop Questioning Your Existence in Today’s Fast-Paced World

Tips on How to Stop Questioning Your Existence in Today's Fast-Paced World

By Shabina Balachandran (Student, Brickfields Asia College)   I bet sometimes you wish you could freeze time, just so you can take a breather and get your bearings straight. We’ve all been there.   What if I told you that there are tips that could help you manage this mentally exhausting battle that you have with yourself on a daily basis? Worth a shot, right?   1. Honour your feelings and needs It’s okay to feel a little lost every now and then, it’s okay to struggle financially, it’s okay to feel a million emotions at once or nothing at all. Just remember, that everything is temporary! If you are feeling frustrated and need an outlet for this negative emotion – Cry! Scream into a pillow! Find a way to let it all out of your system, because bottling it up will only allow it to fester and may even manipulate you into thinking that you or your feelings, don’t matter, when in fact they do.   2. Rest and be gentle with yourself As you are reading this, take a moment, place your hand over your heart, and take a deep breath. Be kind to your mind, body and soul. Tell yourself that you are strong, you are worthy, you are brave. I’m sure you’ve been in many situations where you felt like the world was ending and no amount of hope or prayer could help, but it blew over didn’t it? Just like that, this too shall pass, my friend!   Additional Tips:
  • Follow along to some 4-7-8 breath work.
  • Listen to any 528 Hz frequency sounds on Spotify or Youtube while you nap.
  3. Don’t seek validation from others Start with something small like uploading a picture of yourself on Instagram, ordering a new exciting dish at a restaurant, or treating yourself to something nice. Sometimes, even with simple things like these, we seek validation or thoughts from friends and family. Getting other people’s opinions is a good thing, it shows that you are considering all your options, open to advice and not rash. However, not everyone’s opinions matter, and whatever the decision is, it is yours to make. You know yourself best and at the end of the day, you need to live and be happy with the choices you make. Tip: Trust your gut feeling!  
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